The Sara Brown Band

The Sara Brown Band is based out of Kettle Falls, WA.  They are a rhythm and blues band that plays throughout the pacific northwest.  Sara also performs solo and with her husband Jesse as a duo called "Rusty and Ginger." 

Sara Brown, a small-town redhead from Stevens County, packs each track with her signature power-house vocal style, but also displays subtle nuance and versatile stylizations as the unique mood of each song demands.  “Don’t mess with a redhead from Stevens County.”  The proof is in the album cover photo where Sara stands, flanked by her band, in front of a vintage automobile, clutching a .44 Magnum and a Shure 55 classic microphone.  Their album features screamin’ guitar solos by Dave Keeley, infectious grooves by drummer and bassist, Brendan Cesaratto, and Jesse Brown, and colorful interjections by trombonist/keyboardist, Brent Purvis.  As the festival and concert season draws near, the band is excited to welcome versatile guitarist, Mellad Abeid into their sound.  Mellad has played everything from traditional Irish music, to jazz, country, and rock.  When it comes time to rip on a hardcore blues, Mellad can really bring the house down. 

Brendan Cesaratto has a vast experience as a drummer and percussionist and has even served our Country while entertaining the troops in the Mid-East as a former member of the Air National Guard Band.  Classically trained as a trombonist in college, Brent Purvis picked up the keys and transformed his musical passion into blues and jazz.  Brent seamlessly switches between the two instruments giving the band a unique timbre.  When the full band isn’t on stage, Jesse and Sara Brown are busily composing the bulk of the band’s tunes.  They also might be found performing as the husband and wife duo, “Rusty & Ginger.” Whether singing harmony, strumming the guitar or laying down a bass line, Jesse is known throughout the region as an excellent musician.  Sara’s voice is one of the most recognizable and sought after in the Inland Northwest.  Elegantly dressed and always flashing her amazing shoes, Sara’s stage presence is engaging and her genuine love and care for her fans is always on display.


Photographer: Becky Thomas

Pictured: Brent Purvis, Jesse Brown, Sara Brown, Brendan Cesaratto, Dave Keeley